Toward an Educational Model for Sensor Journalism

In this episode, we talk with Catherine D’Ignazio (Emerson College, MIT Center for Civic Media), Don Blair (Public Laboratory of Science), Abbey Collins (Emerson College), and Amy Schmitz Weiss (San Diego State University) about education in the realm of sensor journalism. This conversation was inspiring! It talked not only about the kind of education we need for sensors in journalism, but for us, pointed to better models for engaged, experiential higher education as a whole.

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Alex Fink

Editor & Host at The OKCast
In addition to hosting the OKCast, I am a Ph.D. student in Youth Studies at the University of Minnesota. I study methods of making research to document injustice and resistance available to young people to create social change. My particular focus is on the political economy and ecology of data, including data collection, data use, data access/sharing, data economics, and the ideologies surrounding it.

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