The OKCast is a weekly open source blog and podcast with the goal to explore, connect, use and inspire open knowledge projects around the world to develop the public commons, improve organization and government transparency and communication, and advocate for social justice and social activism.

The OKCast is a work of love (meaning it’s all volunteer). It’s regularly hosted by @AlexFink, joined by Shannon Evans, Kelsey Wiens, Jeremia Kimelman, Lily Bui, David Carroll, and Bill Bushey. Music for the podcast was developed and performed by the incredible Eddy Kwon, Jack Bogard, and Josh Fink. Music for podcasts prior to November 13, 2014 was created by Josh Fink. Logo and other branding for the site was created by design genius Danielle Rhodes. Extra polish around the edges (with spit polish coming soon) provided by Justin Schell and Blake Johnson.

The OKCast is supported by:

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Want coverage of your OK event?

Want the OKCast to cover your Open Knowledge related event? We enjoy being involved in pre-, during- and post-coverage of events related to our audience. Please be in touch to discuss scheduling and possibilities with [email protected].

Want to contribute?

We welcome contributions, including suggestions for interviews, write-ups of goings-on in the #OpenKnowledge and #OpenData communities, and offers to contribute. Please communicate with us via Twitter @TheOKCast or [email protected].

We also accept solicitations for ongoing participation in the OKCast. Interested in co-hosting the podcast, writing reviews or articles, or helping maintain our social media presence? We want you! Write or tweet us and we’ll talk.


Creative Commons LicenseThe OKCast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, except where otherwise noted. Click through for more details about this Copyleft license and your rights to use.

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