Tactical Tech

If you haven’t already, take a look at Tactical Tech. They are an inspiring organization I discovered a few months ago.

According to their website,

Tactical Tech is an organisation dedicated to the use of information in activism.

We focus on the use of data, design and technology in campaigning through our Evidence & Action programme and on helping activists understand and manage their digital security and privacy risks through our Privacy & Expression programme.

What I find powerful and compelling about Tactical Tech is the combination of open data and activism for social justice. This, along with one of their primary areas of focus: educating others on using open data and research for advocacy. Others in the open data movement can learn from this multi-pronged approach.

See Maya Indira Ganesh presenting on Tactical Tech’s work at OKCon 2013:

Maya Ganesh at OKCon 2013

Alex Fink

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In addition to hosting the OKCast, I am a Ph.D. student in Youth Studies at the University of Minnesota. I study methods of making research to document injustice and resistance available to young people to create social change. My particular focus is on the political economy and ecology of data, including data collection, data use, data access/sharing, data economics, and the ideologies surrounding it.

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