OKFestival 2014 – Nancy Schwartzman – The Problem of Participation – Presenter Mini-Interview

Nancy Schwartzman (@fancynancynyc), a filmmaker, gender-based violence activist, and creator of the Circle of 6 mobile app, is presenting at OKFestival 2014 on the problem of participation. Nancy, along with co-facilitators Linda Raftree and Lina Srivastava, are working to bridge the world of Open Knowledge with the everyday realities of the non-profit and activist worlds in which they work. Their presentation will work with participants to deepen the meanings of “open” and “access” to start working toward a more inclusive open knowledge movement.

In this mini-interview, Nancy explains the The Problem with Participation. Give a listen and I encourage you to attend their event! I’m especially excited to learn about the ways they will help make open knowledge more accessible – this has been an ongoing theme of The OKCast interviews. If you’re interested in this topic, you may also want to listen to Episode #8 of the OKCast – an interview with Felipe Estefan of the World Bank.

Alex Fink

Editor & Host at The OKCast
In addition to hosting the OKCast, I am a Ph.D. student in Youth Studies at the University of Minnesota. I study methods of making research to document injustice and resistance available to young people to create social change. My particular focus is on the political economy and ecology of data, including data collection, data use, data access/sharing, data economics, and the ideologies surrounding it.

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