Episode #16 – Web Literacy with Mozilla Webmaker’s Doug Belshaw

Web Literacy Map, https://webmaker.org/%3F/resources

Web Literacy Map, https://webmaker.org/%3F/resources

In this episode, I (@AlexFink) talk with Doug Belshaw (@dajbelshaw) of Mozilla @webmaker. Doug is the Web Literacy Lead for the Mozilla Foundation. He comes to this work through a history as a teacher, researcher, OpenBadges evangelist, and most recently the author of the dissertation and book The Essential Elements of Digital LiteraciesAt Mozilla, he’s been focused on the development and promotion of the Web Literacy Map, a guide for teachers and institutions working to promote web literacy around the world.

The Web Literacy Map is in version 1.1, and Doug is currently (and openly) soliciting feedback to promote version 2.0. Please give him feedback on the Web Literacy Map page, at doug [at] mozillafoundation.org, or @dajbelshaw on Twitter.

Doug and I talk about literacy, digital literacy, teaching and learning online and on the web, and how all of this fits into the Open Knowledge movement. It’s a fun, fascinating, and accessible conversation. Definitely a recommended podcast for beginning listeners in online learning and teaching as well as Open Knowledge. Give it a listen and spread the word!

Show Notes

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