Episode #20 – What Lies Beneath the Surface: Infrastructure Groundtruth with Ingrid Burringon

This is The OKCast Episode 20. In this episode, I talk with Ingrid Burrington, a researcher and artist using technology and mapping to explore interesting, often unseen places. I met Ingrid at an Open Knowledge Festival 2014 fringe event in Berlin this past summer, where she gave a presentation entitled Internet Groundtruth, which explored the (mostly) hidden infrastructure of the world’s biggest network – the Internet – using untraditional methods. What Ingrid is uncovering is unique and exciting, and she shares it, and other projects, with us in this interview. You can find Ingrid on Twitter @lifewinning and online at www.lifewinning.com.

It’s a wandering interview and we cover a lot of topics – tune in for a lot of mindblowing new ways of thinking!

Cover Image: Network, UWW ResNet, CC BY-NC-SA, https://flic.kr/p/ctXmhf

Show Notes

Ingrid mentions the Empire City subway covers… here’s an example!

Empire City Iron Works, changsterdam, CC BY-NC-SA, https://flic.kr/p/p7BiFH

Empire City Iron Works, changsterdam, CC BY-NC-SA, https://flic.kr/p/p7BiFH




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