OpenEd 2014 – Prateek Mahalwar – Working for Openness at Max Planck Society

At Open Education 2014, I talked with Prateek Mahalwar, Open Access activist and student president at the Max Planck society. In this interview, he talks about the growing Open Access Ambassadors project at Max Planck. They are working to build “open access in everything!”

Prateek also talks about what it was like to be an advocate for Open Access on Capitol Hill during OpenCon 2014. It’s inspiring to hear about what he got out of the advocacy day – and what he got from it!

Alex Fink

Editor & Host at The OKCast
In addition to hosting the OKCast, I am a Ph.D. student in Youth Studies at the University of Minnesota. I study methods of making research to document injustice and resistance available to young people to create social change. My particular focus is on the political economy and ecology of data, including data collection, data use, data access/sharing, data economics, and the ideologies surrounding it.

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