Episode #5 – Liberation Technology with Vivek Srinivasan

In the OK Cast Episode 5, @alexfink interviews Vivek Srinivasan at the Program on Liberation Technology at Stanford University. You can reach Vivek on Twitter @VivekDSE. The Program on Liberation Technology, according to their mission, “seeks to understand how information technology can be used to improve governance, empower the poor, defend human rights, promote economic development, and pursue a variety of other social goods.” Vivek is Academic Research and Program Manager at the Stanford University Program on Liberation Technology. He is an activist, working on socio-economic rights in India, and has written on several campaigns, including on Right to Food campaigns that he has worked on in India. At the Program on Liberation Technology, Vivek studies various IT platforms that help make social activism more effective. His current research is focused on combating corruption with mobile phones. You can find out more about him and Liberation Tech on their website at liberationtechnology.stanford.edu and @LiberationTech on Twitter.

Links & Show Notes

  1. Combating Corruption with Mobile Phones
  2. Right to Food Program in India
  3. Social Audits – Definition
  4. Liberation Technology Seminar Series
  5. Unique ID – Biometric Identification Platform in India. WikiLeaks leaked the plan with unclear legal backing; Coverage on TechCrunch

Photo Credit: Guy Freeman, https://flic.kr/p/uEhw5

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